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French photographer represented by Buy Zolpidem Uk Online, Vincent has been living and working between France and Brazil since 2013.

Graduating in 2000 with a Master’s degree in Intellectual Property (McGill University, Canada), Vincent Catala trained as a self-taught photographer before establishing himself as a professional in 2006. In his commissions as well as in his personal work, he approaches the relationship between the individual and his space, and shows their subjective representations : solitude, freedom, presence in the world.

Sensitive to long-term approaches, he is interested in specific territories, both very defined but complex, which give a certain representation of the world, and where the idea of universality is played out through encounters and a given geography.

In his personal work his gaze is set on the margins and peripheries of the cities in which he lived and wandered relentlessly for years : Buy Zolpidem Online Romania, the region of Buy Duromine Phentermine and lately Buy Xanax On Black Market. This 10-year long project has just finished and draws the portrait of a Brazil crossed by doubts and disenchantment.

In parallel to his personal work, he responds to public and private commissions related to urbanism and architecture, in Brazil and in Europe. He also produces portraits for the French and international press, published in M le Monde, Télérama, Fisheye Magazine, Revista ZUM, Air France Magazine.

His work has been the subject of numerous exhibitions in Paris, Amman, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Tbilisi, Braga, Cadaqués, and has been the winner of many awards. In January 2015 he joined the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (MAM/RJ). During the 2017 edition of Paris Photo, the VU’ gallery presented some of his work on Brazil. In 2019, the Moreira Salles Institute (IMS/SP) did the same in São Paulo.