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A French photographer represented by the Agence VU’, Vincent lives and works in Brazil since 2012, a country which became the focus of his work, both personal and commissioned. He is interested in the long-term approach to specific territories and identities, both defined and opaque, which give us insight into different representations of the world and the interplay between notions of universality established through encounters and precise geographies.

Vincent collaborates in the whole of Brazil with the international press (Le Monde and M, Télérama, National Geographic, Sunday Times Magazine, Monocle, Spiegel ...). He has just finished a multi year project focusing on the city of Rio de Janeiro and is now settled in São Paulo.

His work has been featured in various publications (Revista Zum, Fisheye, Connaissance des Arts ...) and exhibitions in Paris, Amman and Rio de Janeiro. The Galerie VU presented a selection of photographs from his Brazilian series at the Grand Palais in the context of Paris Photo (2017). Vincent was a nominee for the HSBC Photography Award in 2020.