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Accountants, nurses, electricians, housekeepers, insurance brokers, freelancers, students … They are the face of the people of São Paulo. I spend every day of the month of May 2020 photographing them on Paulista Avenue, the city’s iconic and longest artery. By now, the pandemic is already raging in Brazil and São Paulo has become the official coronavirus capital in Latin America. Like the virus, President Jair Bolsonaro’s inflammatory statements are also making the headlines. The citizens I photograph are as much afraid of the disease as they are of the imminence of a “golpe”, a military coup.

My approach to shooting is simple. I take portraits of “Paulistas” wearing a mask, as they draw
closer to me, always at a distance of between 1.5 and 2 metres. The framing is deliberately very tight. Their gaze, even more than the face, is its centre of gravity. I ask them to pause for a moment to reflect on this very peculiar moment that we are currently experiencing, orienting my question around the pandemic and the national political situation.

Confronted with this double line of questioning, I am met with thoughtful looks, seemingly as much focused on themselves as fixed on a distant or vague point, revealing in both cases an elusive out-of-field. A worried stillness seems to run through all of these portraits. A kind of dual bewilderment, at once personal and collective.