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Between 2013 and 2018 I have lived in the western zone of Rio de Janeiro, a urban environment in direct contrast to the clichés commonly associated with the city.

This immense space is never on display and yet it is here that most of Rio’s inhabitants live. This is the city itself, not its suburbs. There are giant wastelands, stretches of highways, scattered residential buildings. The population density is low. Emptiness and silence reign. What is left of a city when the representations that define it are erased?

A visually totalizing, linear approach such as a panorama was impossible. I proceeded in fragments and wanderings. Little by little, these outings revealed recurrent details that in turn became fixed ideas, giving a frame to my forays. Echoing the existential doubt that seized the country, the troubling encounters that punctuate this territory become symptomatic of a deaf tension, situated somewhere between the disintegration of one order and the dawn of another.